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Founded in 2008 by David Sciama, a TV producer that worked mostly in the US and Europe. On the edge of Broadcast and Digital, our goal is to bring the best of those two worlds to each other.

We were one of the very first streaming producers, we brought a new way of creating content dedicated to the web.

Outlining, since the first Poker tournament we streamed in 2008, the importance of combining video and datas on the same player. We already knew that data was a major issue of coming video consumption.

Broadcast to Media, was launched in 2009, it was the first web based media monitor platform dedicated to broadcasters and producers.
Granting our clients a reliable access to programs in native quality, anywhere in the world, was (and still is) a technical challenge.

First with only 14 French TV channels monitored, in 2014 it grew up to a hundred in Europe and almost a 1000 in the US and still growing around the world.
We proved our clients that our custom developed platform was able to fulfill the requirements of a very demanding industry as some notorious daily TV shows rely on and trust our service quality.

Broadcast and production background.

Leader in France.

Only media monitoring company to provide high quality vidéos.

Completely secured system.

Channels monitored
and still growing
Operations done
per year
Client requests are delivered
within 1 hours
Average delay
for delivery
A delay before material
accessible after being aired

This is one of our major steps into merging linear television and datas.
Broadcast to Tweet is our development project which is relating TV programs to their social audience.
Knowing how viewers are reacting over TV shows is naturally highlighting the TV show focus.

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Broadcast to Be provides a wide range of services related to our production experience all over the world.
-> Production coordination for major international events ( Breaking news, sports…) for EBU / Eurovision.
-> Project management for building the biggest studio in Eastern Europe with a record breaking timing.
-> Production management for entertainment shows.
-> Producing major live programs dedicated to the web (Poker Tournament, Car Races…)
-> Producing international live sports programs such as European Hockey Championships.
-> Many consultant services for production, broadcast projects…

We are Broadcast to Be

With our client driven philosophy, we can provide you with a wide range of proven expertise. From Digital to Broadcast, with a perfect production knowledge. We deliver custom made solutions to your project.

Domains of expertise

Digital 99%
Stirred but not shaken110%

Your TV studio on the go.

BBH (SUE) and Broadcast to Be (FR) are joining to offer a new tv production tool for broadcast and digital.
A unique mobile TV set concept, fully dedicated to take the air on remote locations providing a safe environment for your event coverage.
Give a new dimension to your news story. Out of your traditional set, meet your audience, get into the event.
Here is a cost effective solution that will make the difference.

With The HAWK, and our expertise,
Broadcast to Be will assist you in your upcoming field operations.

In association with BBH.